ECM Quality Mark

Every Child Matters

Teaching & Learning Consultancy introduces the ECM Quality Mark.

This Quality Mark has created a lot of interest  throughout the UK across  all eduational establishments.  It is a unique award which is personalised for each establishment. It offers schools the opportunity to gain recognition for being proactive in raising achievement of vulnerable learners. The main focus is on the school’s ability to identify specific need and enhance the learning opportunities to enable all pupils to reach their full potential .and in particular to improve the achievement of underachieving learners across the full range of age, ability and need.

The ECM Quality Mark is unique as it will challenge schools to develop and strengthen the learning environment so that vulnerable learners arrive in the most positive and relaxed frame of mind  and are motivated to work and ready for the challenge to learn. For this reason the nature and quality of’ partnerships in learning’ will be a key element to be audited by the ECM Quality Mark.

The sub text is very clear – the ECM Quality Mark will empower schools to celebrate and validate current achievements in learning while identifying new areas to develop further. Schools will be supported to become “partnership hubs,” through which the whole school community is challenged to demonstrate ways to improve whole school achievement.
The ECM Quality Mark places achievement at the pinnacle of aspiration. Introducing sustainable strategies for raising achievement of underachieving learners will inevitably impact on the improved progress of all learners.
Raising achievement of vulnerable  groups (including underachievement of More Able and Gifted and Talented) is a key focus in the new OFSTED Framework as is providing evidence of positive imapct of action, all of which are celebrated through this Quality Mark. In addition, The Quality Mark can also be used to evidence impact of effective use of Pupil Premium Funds.

The Quality Mark is accredited by EdgeHill University College allowing 20 credits towards a Masters


What will you gain?


By achieving the ECM Quality Mark your school will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improve the whole school achievement.
  • Become recognised as a school in which vulnerable learners are empowered to achieve.
  • Develop sustainable partnerships to support raising the achievement of all children.
  • Receive a Quality Mark which acknowledges the ways in which policy, practice, ethos and culture combine to enable vulnerable learners to be the best they can be.

  • Six Steps

    Step 1:

    Consultancy with SMT followed by whole staff training to focus on raising the achievement of vulnerable learners in the local setting.
    Step 2:
    Consultancy with SMT to support completion of ‘Initial Audit’ identifying achievement of vulnerable learners, mapping provision, measuring the impact of current practice on supporting raising achievement and identifying areas for improvement.
    Step 3:
    Action Plan to improve the core offer by developing new partnerships to support vulnerable learners in raising achievement based on evidence from Initial Audit. The ECM Quality Mark training will support schools to become “partnership hubs” through which children, parents and carers can access a range of services.
    Step 4:
    Gathering evidence of the impact of Step 3 on the achievement of target vulnerable learners.
    Step 5:
    Accreditation visit, during which a member of the Verification Team will examine evidence relating to the Action Plan to the achievement of the target group.
    Step 6:
    ECM Quality Mark award – accredited to schools which have satisfactorily completed the training and demonstrated, by tracking target pupils, how a range of partnerships for learning have enhanced the achievement of vulnerable learners and therefore impacted on the achievement of all learners.